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Please do not add spam and irrelevant sites. Your website will not be added unless it is not appropriate below conditions:

1. Your site should have a second level domain (.com, .net etc.) and should not be under construction.
2. You are allowed to add only one page of your site (main page or the page that provides free sms). Sites that are added more than once, will be deleted.
3. If your site provide service for more than one country, select multiple country presing ctrl+left mouse button.
4. If your site provide free SMS service for more than 5 country, add your site in Worldwide category and explain countries clearly in description field.
5. Your site must provide exactly free SMS service, sites that only porvide paid SMS are not accepted (Commerical sites which provide free SMS sevice are welcome).
6. SmsNet.info are not guarantee that your site will be listed.
7. By adding your site, you accept above rules.

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